Friday, 14 December 2012


Today I’m going to admonish you how starkly listening to sad songs can give you solace. You know they will just make you sob with more pleasure than Anu Malik pretending to be sympathetic on Indian Idol. I mean, you’re already feeling pathetic and miserable, so don’t go out of your way to make it worse, for God’s sake.
But there are certain songs that, upon hearing by accident — say, on the radio or DVD perhaps — will throw me into a tear-filled tizzy no matter my relationship status.I usually turn these off immediately after hearing the first chord, because generally speaking, I don’t like to cry and feel depressed. But sometimes, just sometimes, I’ll listen and wallow and enjoy a good selective-old and new fashioned numbers and then come up with  the most painless ways to kill myself.

  •  Bichdaan by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan from movie” Son of Sardar”.

This is the song that sparked this blog post. I heard it on the TV for the first time while I was cleaning my tiny house than immediately had to stop my work. There are gazillion songs about breakups, but this one always gets me. If you happen to visit by house by chance, you will come to see this number being played. 

I don’t even enjoy much of watching movies. But there’s something in this song and in singer’s voice that makes me believe him when he croons, “Bichdaan toh jina payang gay.” Dammit, there I go…being emotional again…

  • Darmiyaa from movie Jodi Breakers.

I listened to it the other day and it stirred up something I've always found distressing about the end of relationships. To me, it is so completely crazy and tragic that someone can one day be the most important entity in your life and the next day is reduced to something as insignificant as “somebody that I used to know.”

This song also reminds me of one of my past incident. When I broke up, I cut off all communication. I wasn't intending to be cold, it was just what I needed to do to move on and get over it. And today,i'm single and very much happy.Life is after all being happy. You don't need somebody to make you happy in life. Its you and only you at the end of the day that matters!!!!!!!!!!

Here i go.........Till than enjoy this song, my all time favorite by Kid and Sheryl Crow.... The picture

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