Monday, 25 March 2013


A month ago, I have been very nicely surprised by little birthday party organized by friends of mine, with all the trimmings: food, cake, wine, foster, cards and presents.  On  that night of actual birthday, my five friends were together again, so hey, let’s  party, Lets break the floor for your last birthday bash…Here last means,i said that this celebration is going to be last because henceforth I’m not going to celebrate.  Yippee!! I’m 30! Old enough!!  Excited and pretty sad too for wrinkles that are going to remind me every time I stand in front of mirror reminding of my age. And not to mention, I’m pretty cautious of face, size and shapes. 
But my real surprise for turning 30 happened just before the clock stroke 12. I got an elegant cake from newly friend of mine… Mr. Pema Jambay!  Actually cake was supposed to be from my roommate Phuspa, my closest and yes off course my roommate. Since 4 years now I had been sharing a room with her. Now she has become a part of my life.  There have been many deep and dark valleys that I have walked through in my 30 years, but I know without a doubt that she has always been with me by my side, guiding me, comforting me, encouraging me, strengthening me.  
Most elegant gift i ever got- Thank you Pema Sir

 Back to cake, she had requested me a month ago saying that she is going to present me my 30’s birthday cake and I was not supposed to buy it by any means.  But when she came after office, she was downcast, her face so gloomy and when I asked her the reason; she had to mention that Pema Jambay didn't allow her to buy the cake. He spoiled her plan. I was like…what is this? Two people fighting to buy a cake for me??? So babyish! But frankly speaking, in their silly quarrel I came  to the conclusion that I"m valuable in their life. I was so touched and elated! I just thought myself; I don’t have a reason to be unhappy when I’m surrounded with caring people like them. I’m blessed to have them.  
Pema Jambay, Phuspa & Usha 
And speaking of Face book, I made the leap into the great world of “Social Networking” in the year 2009.  I currently have 454 Friends (not bad for a User), and I am finding more and more friends from years gone by through this program.  And I have been thrilled by all the people who have wished me a Happy Birthday that particular day. If a “score” is equal to 20, then I literally have had “scores and scores” of people sending me their well wishing.  Let me say in return to all these friends of mine, “Thank You so much for making my day simply mind blowing!”

Well, how can i skip about a message  left by my colleague, my best friend in my desktop. Here is how it goes….simple but really sweet and touching for me. She is the person behind me being stronger in life.   She is the one who taught me be positive in life and said, " Quality of your life depends upon quality of your thoughts". she has always been supportive. This note below is left by her before she left for Vellore for her dad's operation

My Dear Mam/ Fren/ Sis..
U take care of urself …don’t waste ur precious time/ tears for someone who does not deserve u. Try faking your mind lah. U are such a wonderful person and u deserve to be happy always. Be positive and count good things in ur life coz whatever happens, happens for a GOOD REASON.Try to stop driving trains when  m not here…heehee . I will also do d same.
I will not be there on ur Birthday…but u will be remembered lah. U have a blast and MANNY MANNY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY..HAPPY BIRTHDAY.(M d first one to wish u…Whoever wishes u first on ur birthday tell them thy’ve become second lahhh)
Take care of urself and Pema sir and Ramesh Sir too. C u.
Love You. Will be missing u a lot.
Manju dee..heheee.

Thank you Manju Thapa, Phuspa, Pema Jambay and Usha for your continuous support!!

My prayer for all my readers is that each of you too may know how deep, how long and how wide is my Savior’s love.  Be blessed my friends. 

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