Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tell yourself. I am who I am. There is no one else who is like me just as I am like no other. Everything I say, think, feel or do is mine, belongs to me, no one else. I am accountable for it, only me. My dreams, my aspirations, my hopes and my beliefs, I own them, I control them. My fears, my doubts, it is me who allows them space in my head and in my heart. With work, I can banish them, I have that power. If I am responsible for what I do and say then I can change it. If I am responsible for my hopes and dreams, not only can I create them but I can achieve them. If I am me there is nothing I cannot do. As Don Miguel Ruiz said “Nothing anyone ever says or does is because of you”. People are responsible for their own selves. They may be reacting t what another says or does, but they alone choose how they react just as you do. So remember you are your own self and to your own self be true.

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